Now available for Android

• Your own unique personal code verification and deactivation code

• Vital locked screen accessibility feature for emergency services

• SOS alert message via SMS & Email

• Instant text, video & audio evidential documenting to multiple accounts and recipients of your choice

• GPS Location points on maps

• Watch Over Me – countdown timer

• Family Locator feature

• Locate Me function – real time

• My Emergency Details – personal emergency details and emergency contacts

• Unlimited recipient selection


Xtracktme is a personal emergency S.O.S distress signal & GPS locator, with a child/phone tracking service, as well as a medical information aid. Offering unique benefits, this security application has been developed to improve both you and your family's safety. This app links to your security service or CPF for maximum benefit and quicker response times when you need it most.

XtracktMe Unique Current Benefits include

Unique code

Deactivation of a distress message is done via a personal pin code

Locked screen accessibility

Xtracktme is fully accessible when your phone is locked through access on the home screen thus allowing for instant activation as well as immediate access to all your emergency details

Headphone activation

Tug and unplug your headphone to activate the distress sms, separate notices to family and your security service with GPS co-ordinates as well as video evidence uploaded to personal email account.

My Emergency Details

All your personal medical information, as well as emergency contact details are stored here for access in the event of an accident thus allowing medical personnel to access this information and call your selected contacts.

Directory access

Quickly find CPF's & emergency services closest to your GPS location with an easy click to call function

Family Tracker

Only approved members can track and follow you, dont be a statistic, help can be on the way.

How Xtracktme works

Function availability

• XTracktMe works on your mobile service providers' network

• Avoiding third party servers and delays due to overloaded networks

• Ensure that the balance on your mobile account is always sufficient to enable sms and data service to function correctly.

• SMS messages are charged at normal network rates.



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