2014-2015 Crime Statistics:

What to do in the event of a crime?

1. If not in immediate danger, contact your local police department or Security company..

2. Clearly state the address of the crime, describe the event taking place and whether anyone is injured as well as accurate descriptions of fleeing criminals - shoe colour, trousers style and colour, top/jacket, hood/cap/hat colour and style.

3. If a vehicle is involved, note the make, model, colour, registration number and other critical information..

4. Description of goods stolen.

5. RAPID REACTION RELIES ON IMMEDIATE REPORTING - the quicker a crime is reported to Watchcon, the quicker ALL response will be and the higher the chances are of catching the perpetrators.

6. Cell phone pictures DO help - take whatever images you can of the incident and supply to the SAPS - your pictures could save another person from becoming a victim.

7. If you are the victim:

• Evaluate the situation carefully.

• Never give the perpetrator cause to harm you and cooperate when crucial.

• If you are unable to escape, remain as calm and accommodating as possible.

• Raise the alarm once you are sure they have left you. If you can escape without injury, try raising the alarm immediately (shout/scream/break a window/hold down car hooter) ATTRACT PEOPLES ATTENTION.

Crime Line

Crime affects each and every one of us, but we also have the power to work together to stop it. Crime Line is an anonymous tip-off line allowing South Africans to submit their tip-offs about any criminal activity, and Crime Line will make sure that it is passed on to the authorities. Since its inception, Crime Line tip-offs have already resulted in 39 134 660 in seizures and 1019 suspected criminals being arrested. Submit your tip-offs by SMSing them to 32211 (cost R1.00) and visit for more information.