Family Locator

Unique Current Benefits include

• The Family Locator is a tracking service on your family members phone

• To activate this facility on a family members' phone, ensure both devices have the Xtracktme app installed. Send a "Locate me" request to the family members' number, accept the invite and activate your number to that device with a private pin code.

At any time you may locate their phone and receive a GPS map co-ordinate of their present location

• Once this service is installed on a child's handset, parents can lock their number in via a pin code that can only be removed by entering their personal pin-code again.

• For security reasons, only numbers listed in your own 'safe list' can receive this location request

• This feature is also available on your own phone to track it if stolen or misplaced. Your phone may be tracked by another phone if both devices have Xtracktme installed and are linked beforehand.

• If the phone is switched off or there is no GPS or data working, the last updated GPS location will be shown in maps with a date and time stamp..